Thursday, July 12, 2012


Oh my gosh, y'all, pretty much every day this summer we've had rain.  Not usually a great quantity, but certainly enough to get everything wet and herald happy hour for the back garden slugs.

We never really noticed the slugs until we got the dog.  I had seen slug "slime" trails on the back patio, but seldom noticed any slugs until it became necessary to take Ollie across the patio to the grassy area to toilet.  Every day, come rain or shine or cold that creeps under your robe because it's 6:30 am and the dog is dancing a jig to get out of his kennel.

The youngest daughter and I have started doing the daily slug count, just for kicks.  When we take Ollie out for his evening potty break as the slugs begin to gather, we count the ones slowly cruising across the patio and in the grassy area where he typically takes care of his business.  Our record thus far this summer is 16.

I took the above pic last night of a slug on the back patio after it had rained for the 4th or 5th time that day.  All of this wet weather is running together and it's easier to recall the dry and sunny days since they're much less common.  However, yesterday did distinguish itself with a bit of pea-sized hail thrown into the mix.  

Back to my little slug rant.  The slugs don't bother me until I step on one.  That's pretty gross because, honestly, they resemble dog poop.  At least they don't stink, but it's still gross to clean off the bottom of my shoe.  And thanks to the mucus "slime" they secrete, it's a slippery proposition when you land on one.  Forget banana peels - don't step on a slug or you'll go sliding.

Yesterday evening I made a short video of a good sized slug on the back patio. I had to put Ollie in the house before I attempted this since he likes to snuffle them and would certainly have been right in the big middle of things.  He had his nose pressed to the glass panes in the french door, trying to get a better look at what I was doing.

Ollie isn't always the sharpest knife in the drawer, but he learned his lesson several months ago with the slugs after sampling one.  He's smart enough to realize he doesn't want a repeat of the vomiting and brief foaming at the mouth which ensued.

With all of these slugs on the property, I wish it would lure a hedgehog or two into the yard so we could oooh and aaah over it.  Instead, I've spotted English wood mice occasionally scuttling across the back patio since we seem to be hosting a veritable slug buffet for them.    

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