Wednesday, July 19, 2017

On the Move... again

It's our 5th move in the last 6.5 yrs and I swear the last place I'll call home (knock on wood) until I take up residence in the cemetery. Right now I'm keeping my sanity by focusing on setting up the house... not navigating the workshop and garage bay full of things still needing to be unpacked. Because that's just the beginning. Once it's all unwrapped and revealed, I have to decide where it will go at the remodel. If we can't use it, then I have to send it to the consignment shop, donate it or just toss it in the trash. 

Scariest part of this process - we've purged with every move. So yeah, I appear to have proof that the boxes multiply at night while we're sleeping. 

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Of Quartz it's Beautiful

Granite is nice, but we've done that. Ditto with tile and manmade quartz. I would have ADORED marble in the kitchen, but alas the husband and teen would have ruined it in quick time. So quartzite became the obvious choice for countertops. And I must say the island looks rather snazzy. It's got a bit of color and movement, but not so much that it's distracting. Muted. Soothing. The name of my select is Taj Mahal, which sounds rather opulent and borderline Vegas flashy... but it's not. And the fact that it's leathered (aka matte) rather than polished is just the icing on my kitchen remodel cake. I can't wait to see the quartzite backsplash installed once the range has been put in place this next week. 

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Cruising into July

The time, it doth fly by on the wings of unicorns these days. I've got lots of tidbits I feel compelled to share here on the blog, but alas I've been busy with family vacation, the remodel, road tripping with the grad student to her new university and getting ready for our 5th move in about 6.5 years. All in the summer heat. And this middle-aged momma is tired of sweating. Bring on the fall cool fronts... PLEASE!

Until I can swing some blog time into my schedule, here is a pic of the girls in front of our floating home away from home during the Baltics cruise last month. It was fun and interesting and we enjoyed the trip, but 11 days on a 3500 passenger ship is just too long for me. So now I know. As much as I love exploring the world, Dorothy was right - there's no place like home.