Tuesday, September 7, 2010

We Have the Technology

Honestly, the miracle of technology is truly amazing.  I've really enjoyed scouting London housing on the internet.  As expected, the language differences are becoming more clear as we progress through the relocation process.  

Like every other Tom, Dick and Carrie, I've heard the obvious words/phrases that distinguish American English from the UK version.  Everyone knows the loo is the bathroom.  But did you know that a guest cloakroom is really a half bath?  And the local catchment area is referring to your school district?  A character home is some old house that has been updated. And you'll most likely find your washing machine in the kitchen.  Forget about a tumble dryer in the city.  Only rich folks can afford those.

Happy 7 September 2010!  Don't get me started on the whole date writing format that throws me for a loop.

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