Monday, January 17, 2011

Somebody Turn on the Lights

Gosh, I never realized the UK was so frickin' close to the Arctic Circle!  The "Twilight" series should have been set here instead of the Pacific Northwest.  Vampires would feel right at home with these overcast and short days.   

With my poor night vision thanks to the fact that I have astigmatism and can't read the big E on the eye chart, it's a real challenge to drive in the dark.  And good grief, it's only what I think qualifies as daylight for about 7ish hours.  Last week I had to make my first run to the school in order to pick up the younger one from her first girl scout meeting.  It was scheduled to end at 4:45, but that's dark thirty around here.  Therefore, me and my impaired vision leave the house at 3:50 in order to get to campus while there is still some light with which to see those evil autos that like to park with two wheels up on the sidewalks of the narrow side streets.  Honest to God, it's legal over here... but that's a whole 'nother rant.

I guess the locals are conditioned to living under these conditions, but it's a big old stressor for someone who landed here from central/south Texas just a few weeks ago.  Daylight savings time better be just around the corner so I don't have to purchase a sun lamp or order vitamin D in bulk, because I'm one mean mama without my daily dose of sunlight.

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