Saturday, May 14, 2011

We don't swim in your toilet, so don't poop in our pool!

After a long break from the gym, I got back into my workout routine this week.  The ELC is a nice facility, with all of the usual amenities, including two pools.  The smaller one has a floor that can move up and down at the touch of a button.  

I got to see the moving floor in action one Saturday afternoon when Callie and a friend of hers were swimming in the larger pool.  The ground level seating area for the natatorium sits right next to the smaller pool, so I was hanging out there reading a book while Cal and her buddy entertained themselves for a while.  

All of a sudden, this older guy wearing an ELC shirt blows a whistle and tells everyone in the smaller pool that they need to get out now because it has been contaminated.  Everyone gets out of the pool and he throws a switch so that this alarm starts beeping and the floor of the pool starts inching its way towards the surface.  I'm sure everyone has heard of pools like this before and I found the following pic that resembles the set-up at ELC.  The school our girls attend actually has its own frou-frou pool with the fancy moving floor in the sports center.  You can see that the floor of the pool in the foreground has been raised.

Can you see the vents running along the right side of the pool?  I think it's cool that the rest of the pool water is sitting underneath this.  Now back to my little tale. The ELC guy gets the floor all the way to the surface so that there's less than a half-inch of water across the top.  He dons some plastic shoe covers and walks out to the middle of what was the center of the bottom of the pool to deal with the contamination... a big piece of poop!  Lots of parents with little ones still in diapers or pull-ups use this pool, the obvious source of the offending turd.  He removed it with a plastic baggie just like the folks you see walking dogs who have to clean up after them.  Then he sprayed it with some sort of disinfectant and went at it with a scrub brush.  Next he sprinkled it with something and wiped all this up with a big wad of paper towel. After this was accomplished, he lowered the floor and folks were swimming once again after about 25-30 minutes.  

Of course, this reminded me of the scene in "Caddyshack" where the kid tosses a Babyruth candy bar into the pool.  The swimmers see it and think it's "doodie" while the theme from "Jaws" is playing.  The pool is drained of water so it can be scrubbed, sterilized and disinfected.  Bill Murray's character is a disturbed Vietnam vet who spends his time as maintenance man trying to eradicate the golf course of Gophercong.  In the pool scene, he's all tricked out in a white hazmat suit with chemical mask, working on cleaning up the pool when he finds the offending "doodie".  Check it out by clicking on the link I included right below this - so funny!  

Caddyshack Pool Scene

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