Saturday, June 18, 2011

Es verdad - hindsight is 20/20

I thought I was so smart back when I was 14 and decided Spanish would come in handy living in Texas.  French is a beautiful language, but it just seemed so hoity toity compared to the ever practical Spanish.  And German... I was afraid it might have involved a lot of inadvertent spitting and words that would come across as guttural grunting rather than an actual language.  Spanish is something I could use in my everyday life.  I could expertly place an order at Taco Bell, Casa Ole or Pappasito's with my Spanish pronunciation skills learned in high school and college.  When in the heck would I ever use German anyway?

Fast forward almost 30 years to my realization that it would come in pretty handy tomorrow when we head to Germany for a week.  I know ja means yes and nein is no.  I can also pronounce schnitzel correctly.  As long as I eat schnitzel at every meal, I'm good to go.  

Our hotel in Munich has wifi in the rooms, so I hope to send along some pics on Facebook as well as a possible post here on the blog by the time we return next weekend.  The girls have already started asking if we'll be seeing any "boring old history stuff" and I responded with a hearty ja, we would be seeing all sorts of historic places in Deutschland.

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