Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A Recent Conversation

Here is an excerpt from a brief conversation I had with the youngest daughter last night.

Me:  I'll be glad when dad gets home tomorrow.*
Kid:  Yeah, me too, but he doesn't really do much around the house.
Me:  He helps out sometimes.
Kid:  Right - he does change the burned out lightbulbs for you in the ceiling.  But if any bugs fall out, then you have to clean up that mess.**

*The husband has been in Texas on "business" for almost two weeks, where he gets to visit with friends and family, eat Tex Mex food, go to American football games, and not have any kid responsibilities.  Hmmm, sounds more like a vacation to me.

**Recessed lights on the second story open directly into the attic, where wasps and other insects nest.  This summer, whenever a lightbulb upstairs had to be replaced, I always had to vacuum up bug remains/shells that fell through to the floor once the bulb was removed.

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