Friday, December 9, 2011


Back when the now junior in high school was a little girl, we would listen to a Christmas CD during our commute to and from school.  After a while I was ready to choke Elmo because all he could sing about was wanting a danged hippopotamus for Christmas.  Really?  I don't recall ever seeing a swimming pool on Sesame Street so I have no idea where he was gonna stash that hippo.  And as far as the hippo liking him, too, I assumed the hippo would probably be just as annoyed by his high-pitched squeaky voice as every other living thing on the planet and eat his bright red butt as a mid-day snack.  

The child never tired of that CD so we listened to it on a continuous loop for the whole month of December.  One evening, we were in the house and I heard my little songbird humming the tune of Jose Feliciano's "Feliz Navidad".  After a couple bars, she started singing it.  Darned if those lyrics weren't difficult to understand, particularly in a foreign language, because "Feliz Navidad" had become Fleas Snubeedub.  She happily sang along to Fleas Snubeedub and every year around Christmastime I'm reminded of her cute little misunderstanding of the lyrics.  

You'll have to remind me to write about the George Strait song "Porcupine Prophecy in Arizona"... because that makes so much more sense than the actual words when you're in second grade.

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