Friday, July 5, 2013

The Furriest Member of the Family

Ollie, our Cairn Terrier, is adjusting well to life in Texas. He absolutely adores the back yard. His favorite thing is to throw himself down in the grass no matter what time of day it is so he can soak up the fresh air and sunshine. And then refuse to come back into the house unless we lure him with a treat or toy. We're all seeing the stubborn little soul he truly is when let off leash to roam at will in the yard.

This is a cute pic of Ollie, figuring out that he can do a lot of mooching in the car after we've been through the drive-thru window. After we picked him up at the Houston pet cargo facility, he seemed a bit shell shocked. He guzzled up a bunch of water and ate a bit of his dog food I had packed in my suitcase. On the drive from the airport to the west side of the city where we hit the interstate, he sat in my lap and stared out the window. We stopped on the city's outskirts for a potty break and some food, whereupon Ollie perked up at the smell of American beef. 

Then he became the same little spoiled toot we know and love, staring up at us with his chocolate brown eyes in search of a handout. Until today, the day our air shipment finally arrived with his kennel in it, he has been sleeping between me and my husband... in a double bed we borrowed from my in-laws. That's a whole lotta human and dog on a smallish mattress - to us, anyway - when we're accustomed to sleeping on a king bed with the dog tucked away in his kennel.

Last week, we took Ollie to meet his new vet and get a few shots. He also had an appointment with the groomer, and boy did she go to town on him. Shorn like a sheep, I tell ya. But I would swear he's glad to be rid of all that fur. He seems more confident and has a bit of pep in his doggie step these days.

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