Thursday, August 1, 2013

Pardon Our Dust

And pardon the boxes, packing paper and stuff stacked most everywhere. The sea container was delivered Monday. Thus far we've unpacked/put away about 3/4 of its contents. Several of the rooms are more or less done, minus pics on the walls. Probably the worst part of the house is the very front, where the formal dining and husband's office are located. 

Due to a certain family member's hoarding tendencies (cough, cough, the husband), we were up to our eyeballs in boxes of books. After a good cull, we donated eight boxes of books to the town library. And when we found more boxes of books in the garage, we ended up with another four boxes of books that also need to be dropped off for donation.

The husband's secretary is moving, so she's taking some of the boxes and packing materials off our hands. The rest of it is living on the back porch until the moving company returns to pick it up on Tuesday. That's our deadline - we have until then to get everything unpacked/shuffled to where it needs to be.

Forget Calgon taking me away. I picked up the ingredients for margaritas at the grocery store when I unearthed the blender in a storage box. Now I just need to stop off at the liquor store for some tequila as well as triple sec and then I'll be all set. 

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