Sunday, November 3, 2013

One More Can't Hurt

OK, so I lied. I told my husband I wouldn't buy one more Santa anything after packing up part of my collection when we prepped to move home to Texas. And then seeing the rest of my collection once we made it back stateside. That's a whole lotta Santa stuff! I've been collecting jolly old St. Nick for 20+ yrs and have racked up a nice variety of items. Ornaments, plates, stockings, figurines, snow globes, tablecloths, bowls, cups. You get the drift.

I just couldn't resist yesterday when I was snooping through a local shop looking for a ceramic rooster to place on the eat-in-kitchen table and stumbled upon the most darling collection of themed Santas. This one really called to me because I intend to put out my Kathe Wohlfahrt pyramids. Aren't they cool?

Herr Santa will be a perfect accent piece in the same room where I display my lovely pyramids, most likely the formal dining area. Right across from the cuckoo clock I purchased in the Black Forest. Just too danged cute, I tell ya!

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