Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Isn't that a great idea?

The girls have hatched this scheme. It includes input from the daughter that doesn't even live at home anymore because she's off at college. So anyhoo, the girls got this great idea that we need to get another dog once we move back to England.

They try to play it off like it's in the best interest of our current dog, Ollie, the blonde Cairn Terrier. He'll like a buddy. He probably wants another dog to play with him. They'll keep each other company when you're not at home. 

They've even gone so far as to pick a name for this dog they believe we need - Jaffa. For the non-Anglophiles out there in my vast audience on the blogosphere, Jaffa Cakes are a type of English biscuits (in American English speak, that's cookies). It's this not-so-tasty combo of orange and chocolate, which totally isn't my cup of tea. But the girls think it's the perfect name for our own future dark gray colored female Cairn. 

We all know what would happen in this little scenario. We'd visit the breeder and fall victim to puppy fever. Then I'd be the one stuck walking and feeding and house training the latest furry member of the family. And who knows how Ollie would feel about some other dog getting all of the attention. So yeah, I'm passing on the second dog idea right now. Let's get ourselves moved to the UK before we start piling more responsibilities on mom.

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