Thursday, June 18, 2015

Still Intrigued

The royals are such an interesting lot. Castles and estates, wealth and adoration. The history and pageantry can be awe-inspiring. But the thing that continues to pique my imagination is the contents of Queen Elizabeth's purse.

The carrying of handbags/purses is something obviously inculcated from birth, especially for the older generation. Purses, hats, gloves… all part of the era. While snooping through images of Lizzie through the years, I noticed her handbags have been pretty much the same old rather boring, rectangular shaped ones we see her carrying today. Maybe all of the old age pensioners carry this sort of bag because it's all they've ever known. I'll have to check it out once we move back to Surrey next month.

Black, white, silver, gold and cream are her preferred colors, with practical black being the obvious frontrunner for most occasions. But the burning question is what the heck does she carry around inside her rather staid handbag. Keys to Buckingham Palace? Pressed powder for her nose? Hand sanitizer to get rid of the commoner's germs? Kleenex to wipe the smeared lipstick off her front teeth? A toothpick in case she gets seeds or a bit of spinach stuck in her dental work? I'd just love to know what she keeps in there.

I had to chuckle at Prince George's christening picture because if you look down at the queen's feet, you'll spy her ever present black purse. Really? Why didn't the photographer just move it out of the shot. I say there, Camilla, just put this behind the couch for Lizzie, why don't you? Be a good chap, Harry, and toss granny's purse in that cabinet for a minute.

Eh, maybe the photographer was just lucky to get the old girl to take that highly practical black bag off her elbow where it typically rides, and have her put it on the floor.

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