Sunday, July 3, 2016

Victoria Falls, Days 3-4

After breakfast at our lodge, we hit the trail to take a tour of Victoria Falls. It was most impressive since the river's flow is at peak during winter in the southern hemisphere. After renting raincoats/ponchos and watching the antics of some monkeys roaming around the parking lot before our tour started, we set out on foot for a walking tour along the opposite side of the raging waters. I could post the 100+ pics we took, but I've narrowed it down to some of my favourites seen below. Some were taken at falls level, while others were taken when we went on the big whirlybird for an aerial tour.

Dr. Livingstone, I presume?

Loved seeing all the rainbows!

After the excitement of the falls in the morning, we had a late lunch back at the lodge before heading out on an elephant ride. Giddy up, Dumbo! But first, we had to stop by "The Big Baobab Tree" for a look-see and photo op.

At the end of the trek, the kids got to feed the elephants a treat, which the elephants sucked into their trunks and then deposited in their mouths. 

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