Thursday, October 27, 2016

Vietnamese Crafts Market

Once we crossed the border into Vietnam, we stopped at a crafts market for the day. We arrived by smaller water craft, as usual. Just glad we didn't have to paddle there on our own like this lady.

If you look carefully, you can see the dog on the boat in the pic above. There was another couple dogs hanging about at the crafts area. And look at that playpen used by the locals.

I love the ceramic dog guardians sitting atop the gate posts. I could make a coffee table book of the dogs and roosters of SE Asia from my camera roll.

We watched demonstrations on puffing corn and making a local sweet treat. 

Spirits, anyone? You could choose from scorpion infused...

or how about some cobra?

The tour guide said it's the Viagra of Asia. The husband took a shot of it, along with some of the other adventurous folks on our cruise. I politely declined.

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