Monday, December 5, 2016

December in Prague

The teen turned SWEET 16 on Friday, so we took her to Prague to make it a memorable one. The architecture of this old, very walkable city was amazing. After last weekend's visit to a rather bland and sterile Berlin, it was delightful to see historical structures dating back as far as the late middle ages.

View from our hotel window above, and the astronomical clock below

It seems the Czech have their own little locks of love location over a 
small canal of the river that runs through their city.

Happy Sweet 16 to this fabulous young lady, pictured above 
at the John Lennon graffiti wall in Prague.

Lovely bonus - the Christmas markets were all open and made the trip even more festive. No commemorative gluhwein mugs to collect in the Czech Republic like you find in Germany - rats - but I did find the hot apple cider quite tasty.

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