Monday, May 1, 2017

Deciding on decor

I've just about finished with the selection and purchase of all materials for the remodel. So I've recently moved on to considering decor. We don't need a whole house full, thank heavens, but we do need some key pieces in the entertaining spaces so we aren't lounging on plastic chairs from Walmart. 

I ordered a four cushion sofa for the family room, with a matching tufted bench and two swivel chairs that the husband loves. He really got into lounging in the swivel chair we had in our England house. With that done, I've switched my mental power and search efforts to a coffee table. Something sculptural with a glass top is what I have in mind. I found the cool one below and fell in love, but of course it's not longer manufactured. Thanks, Pinterest, for teasing me with that one.

This one is my runner up at the moment. Not as fabulous, but still visually interesting. And very affordable. 

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