Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Slip Sliding Away

I'm trying to decide if it's just middle age or the fact that the baby of the family will be a junior in the fall that has seemed to put my life's DVD on fast forward these days. Seriously, time needs to slow down and let me savor it a bit.

This has been a busy month for us. We kicked it off with the younger daughter attending cheer camp with her school squad, so that required two roundtrips to that big burnt orange university just down the interstate.

Our girl is the back spot with both hands on the fliers ankles. Hold tight and don't let her fall! You'll notice the black knee brace. Her wiggly kneecap wanted to start sliding out of place and aggravating her the week of cheer camp prep, and so it seems she's back in black for the duration of the season to try and keep her injury free.

Then the whole fam headed off to Copenhagen to kick of a two week vacation on a Baltics cruise, but that's its own post. Lots of history and pretty vistas and blessedly cool weather that gave us a break from the Texas heat.

Now the about to start her program grad student is purging her undergrad clothes and miscellaneous stuff to pack up her car. She and I will leave bright and early in the morning for the almost 20 hr drive to North Carolina. We'll be seeing lots of interstate, stopping for a couple nights along the way because my old hip can't take more than about 9-10 hrs in the car at a time.

This is what the grad daughter's room and hallway looked like yesterday as she got started on her car packing prep. It wasn't pretty, but it's mostly done. And so now we just need to toss and donate some stuff to cross that off the to-do list.

Totally unrelated and yet intriguing... I had no idea it is possible to buy color coordinated books by the foot. And so now we both know that's a real thing. I read about it in a house remodeling magazine and am digging it. Need some blue books - no problem. How about vintage kid's books - here you go, Dick and Jane. Coastal colors - ya SEA, they've got that, too. It's the perfect solution for the lazy shoppers and non readers of the world.

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