Sunday, November 14, 2010

Cats and Comforters

We had three cats, but now we're down to just two.  Calico was adopted by my husband's secretary and she's living the good life, with her own private collection of catnip stuffed mice and private litter box.  We adopted Calico and her sister Tabby (yes, we're incredibly unimaginative when it comes to pet names) seven years ago.  They were born to a stray cat at the middle school where I was teaching at the time.  A club on campus looked out for local animals and the sponsor fostered the momma and her kittens until they were old enough to be adopted.  We had them declawed/spayed and they've been with us ever since.

KK is the old crotchety granny cat in our household.  We adopted her from the Ft. Worth Humane Society back in 1998 when she was supposedly 3-4 years old.  Of the three, she has always been the most personable.  She always comes down to investigate folks when they come to visit, unlike the other two who cower under the nearest bed until company leaves.  The one downside to KK is that she retained her claws.  Since we moved into our current home, she has destroyed the back of my Pottery Barn sectional sofa and frou-frou master bedding with her claws.  She's arthritic in her old age, so she jumps up as far as she can and then digs in to pull herself the rest of the way onto the bed.  

With our impending move to England and the fact that KK will not be making the trip with us, I decided to purchase some new bedding.  And the winner is...

I love red and this duvet cover from Pottery Barn looked nice in the catalog.  It should arrive with the supporting cast of items I ordered by the end of this week and I hope it's a keeper.  Assuming this ensemble works, I'll be looking for further linen options in Callie's room as well as the two guest bedrooms.  Our pack date with the moving company is a month from Saturday, so I need to get busy making some decisions!

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  1. Love the comforter set! really pretty! too funny about the tv license!!! that is wacky! and I had thought about you guys next year in Britain with no Thanksgiving... but there will be soo much to keep you busy... you may not even miss it much!