Thursday, February 24, 2011

It's for Medicinal Purposes

I always enjoy going to the grocery store now that I don't work.  When I was still teaching, it was always a nuisance to shop on the weekends when everyone and their dog was doing the same thing.  Now that I'm a lady of leisure, I'm at leisure to shop during the day.

Thanks to the lack of preservatives in so many foods over here, it seems that I end up at the store several times a week.  Plus, I don't have anything better to do and can spend my time strolling down each and every aisle to check out the goods.  I've become my granny, squeezing the bread for freshness and sniffing the cantaloupes to see if they're ripe.  Besides seeing other stay-at-home moms cruising the aisles, I also see a lot of retirees. 

What I'm always amazed to see is how much booze these old folks are purchasing.  They seem to be partial to those handy cardboard packs that will hold six wine bottles, and usually are filling more than one six pack to purchase.  Another thing I've noticed is that it's the cheap stuff, the store brand wines that run around 2-3 pounds per bottle.  And it's typically red rather than white.  I guess at their age it's easy to pop out the old teeth and get the wine stains removed with a Polident tablet.

Recently I was behind this sweet looking little couple that appeared to be old enough to have helped build Stonehenge.  They were both white-headed and stooped over, shuffling along to the check out stand.  Neither of them could lift the wine six pack out of the buggy, so they unloaded them one at a time.  I guess at their age they don't worry about hangovers.  Loss of brain cells wouldn't be an issue either.  Maybe they use it in place of sleeping pills?  It certainly is cheaper than conventional medicine.  

As for me, I've been eyeing the bottles of Malibu Rum on sale.  It's terribly handy how they sell hard liquor in grocery stores.  I need to clue in the older generation that it's a much tastier alternative to the swill they're drinking.

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