Saturday, July 2, 2011

How do you say burrito in German?

I just had to take the following pic when we were in Germany last week.  Jason and Callie were checking out the menu.  You can't help but wonder how authentic the Mexican food would be in this Munich restaurant named "Taco Libre".

I thought it was a cute play on words with the accompanying artwork of a dog as a masked luchador, kinda like Jack Black on all fours in the movie "Nacho Libre".  Rather than run the risk of getting salmonella from some sizzling steak fajitas, we opted to have an early supper at the Augustiner Keller.

Since my husband believes travel guru Rick Steves can do no wrong, we headed to Rick's favored place that the local Munchners prefer instead of the crowded and touristy Hofbrauhaus.  There is a big biergarten underneath the trees out front and to the side of the restaurant.  The walls of the restaurant were covered with traditional Bavarian wood carvings as well as light fixtures and there were a lot of stag heads scattered around the room.  

Our waiter spoke no English, so we ordered with the tried and true point to what you want on the menu, smile and shake your head in the affirmative.  The husband had sausages, the teenager had sirloin steak smothered in onions, the younger one had schnitzel and I had spaetzle.  What we all found interesting at the tables surrounding us were adults decked out in lederhosen and dirndls enjoying a beer... at 2:00 in the afternoon on a workday.  I think Europeans have this whole work-life balance down pat.  Prost!

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