Sunday, July 24, 2011

There's No Place Like Home

Of course, "home" these days is England instead of Texas.  After 10 days in Spain and on our cruise around the eastern Mediterranean that followed on the heels of a trip to Paris, I'm doing a one day turnaround.  Today I've washed umpteen loads of clothes and ironed so Annie and I can pack for two weeks in Texas.  Tomorrow morning at 7, we load up with the Huertas to hit the road to Heathrow where we'll wing our way to Texas.  

We've visited a lot of amazing places during the month of July.  We'll wrap up our summer travel seeing friends and family in the hill country.  I'll get back to more regular blogging once we return home.

Here we are with Annie's Boerne friend Claire and her mother Dana as we prepared for embarkation at the port of Barcelona on July 16.  By the end of the trip, the girls were desperately sleep deprived from all their socializing, Dana had acquired a whole host of blisters on her feet and I had earned the nickname Travel Nazi.

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