Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Early to bed, early to rise is for wimps and old folks

The teen was assigned a Huck Finn project about ten days ago, but she obviously hasn't been sufficiently singed by her burning the midnight oil habits.  I woke up at 1:45 am and shuffled downstairs to have her ask me about the wording of a sentence.  Tsk, tsk. 

What's tragic, in my opinion, is that she can throw together this last minute crap and make a decent grade.  But she just doesn't get it.  She's all pleased with herself for the big burst of productivity with just one full day to complete it, refusing to acknowledge that doing the bulk of the work the day before it's due certainly won't earn her the highest possible grade.  But hey, she's almost 17 and she knows everything whereas we're just her ignorant parents with these goofy ideas.

Anyhoo, Miss I-Got-2-Hours-of-Sleep was listening to me and her younger sister review the US state abbreviations while I was cooking supper.  I was calling out random states off the top of my head and the 5th grader was naming abbreviations.  The teen starts chiming in with states, too.  And then she rattles off Detroit.  She follows up that "state" with Chicago.  Thankfully the teen realized her mistake so the little one didn't have to correct her. 

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