Friday, February 10, 2012

Winter Wonderland, the sequel

In less than a week, we've had two days of snowfall.  Last night when it cranked up and started sticking, the teen was hopeful that this last day before winter break begins would be a snow day.  Although we received several inches, school continued as usual.

It was easy to get the youngest and Ollie out the back door this morning to snap a couple pics before the coach arrived to whisk them away to campus... just the girls and not Ollie, though he stands around the front door ready to make a break for it if the opportunity presents itself.  He rides in the doggie daycare estate car (Brit speak for station wagon) several days a week and he's getting good at loading up for a trip, any kinda trip since he's a dog.

You can tell from the pic that Ollie likes to snuffle and huffle through the snow per the flakes clinging to his little Cairn beard.  He also has a tendency to munch on it, too.  As long as he stays away from the yellow snow, he should be fine.

This weekend we leave for our winter break trip to Rome.  The girls aren't exactly thrilled, but the husband and I are excited to see all of the fabulous historical sights in the eternal city.  I just hope we get there as scheduled because both London and Rome have a chance of snow flurries on our travel day.  So much for warmer temps as we head south since the lows will be in the upper 20s for our first couple days of touring the city.  

Exactly one year ago, we stayed at home for winter break since our beloved sea container from Texas had cleared customs at the port and was ready for delivery.  After living out of the contents of two suitcases per family member for more than a month, it was a great feeling to receive all of our "stuff" so that England would feel more like home.  

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