Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Miscellaneous Monday

Yesterday was a bit of a hodge podge, so it only seems fitting that this blog post should follow in that same vein.

A Woman's Work is Never Done

I dragged my feet until it was obvious no fairies or housecleaning service were gonna show up to take care of the filthy house for me.  Like any skilled procrastinator, I would clean a bathroom and then take a break to eat an apple.  Then vacuum a bedroom and take a break to check Facebook.  Then dust the living room followed by a classic episode of "ER".  By about 4:00 pm, the place was looking pretty good.  All that's left is to mop the hardwoods, my least favorite housecleaning chore since it always seems to aggravate my right hip.  Getting old rates right up there with root canals and doing your income taxes.

Somewhere, Beyond the Sea

During several of my housecleaning breaks, I was busy sending emails - fun emails about possible October break cruises to the Greek Isles.  That begin in even funner places like Venice, which I've always wanted to see.  What could be more funner than that?  And since the teenager will be spending fall break with her senior humanities class in Italy/Greece, then we will be able to squeeze the three of us into a junior suite.  Did I mention this Royal Caribbean ship just came out of drydock with all sorts of new bells and whistles in a big ol' upgrade?  Very exciting!  You know, as long as the captain doesn't go steering us too close to any reefs or rocks for a bit of showboating and grandstanding.  Our cabin is at the very back of the boat a la Titanic, just in case we need to abandon ship if it flops over on its side in the water.

Watch where you're stepping!

The worst part about housecleaning day involves my little stint in the backyard on poop patrol.  I invested in one of those poop scooper shovel things, but a lot of the time that just means I'm rolling it across the grass trying to wrangle it into the garbage bag.  I swear it's as if I'm a participant in the White House Easter egg roll, assuming they used Bo's poop instead of dyed eggs.  Therefore, I don two plastic disposable gloves and put the hard little doggie turds in the bag, removing the gloves carefully and then washing my hands twice... even though the gloves didn't get ripped or torn in the process.

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