Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Rome, l'ultimo blogpost... I promise

Woo-hoo, this is it, my final blogpost about our winter break trip to Rome.  These are the odds and ends that tickled my funny bone or struck my fancy as I went back over the notes and pics.

The teen has always been fascinated by nuns.  I have no idea why, but there it is. She recently contemplated becoming a nun despite me pointing out little details like the fact that we're Methodist, not Catholic.  So yeah, she has finally seen the light on that score, the one telling her she isn't cut out to be a nun with the whole no makeup, no highlights in her hair, no need to shop for clothes because you wear the same getup the rest of your life.  However, that doesn't keep her from snapping covert pics of nuns out and about - one dressed in white culottes at the Vatican back in July (bottom right of top pic in midstride) and one dressed in gray in February.  

Across from the Victor Emmanuel memorial is a building with BONAPARTE written across the top.  Napoleon did indeed inhabit this building while staying in Rome.  Our guide told us an interesting story about how Napoleon's wife and mother-in-law would sit on the open air balcony and remark on people as they passed by even though people could hear these snide little comments made by them in regards to their appearance.  After many bitter complaints from the Italians, Napoleon had the balcony covered and you can see it's currently painted green.  That way the ladies didn't have to sheath their claws, but would no longer be visible or quite as audible to folks passing by on the street.

In the pic above with the covered balcony, I wanted to point out the Italian police officer directing traffic atop the black and white striped raised podium.  My question is why they don't just put up a traffic light because this whole method with the whistle and hand signals seems terribly antiquated.  And dangerous, though I assume that's partially why he's standing on a raised block of cement rather than for the lone reason of improved visibility.  

Check out the pic below - see what I mean.  The traffic is just higgledy piggledy all over the road because there are no lines painted that divide it into lanes.  It's pretty much every man for himself and you take your life into your own hands when you use a zebra crossing.

I love this shot - the younger daughter standing next to this teeny tiny car, even smaller than a Smart Car.  I'm thinking they must have a big ol' key in the trunk they take out and use to wind it up when they're ready to roll.

Both girls love animal spotting, but the teen always feels compelled to snap pics of them.  The sharpei was precious in a wrinkly sort of way and the pugs strolling along in their outerwear were ancient.  

I chose the next two pics because the first one was taken back in July looking up the backside of the Palatine Hill.  The second one was taken last month looking down the Palatine Hill exit.  Behind the teen you can see tour guide Mario explaining something to the little one.

I liked the pics below because the girls appear to be unaware, which happens very rarely.  The oldest daughter insists on posing for all pics while the younger one does her best to duck out of them.

The little one looks as if she's thinking great thoughts, really pondering some highly important matter... cannoli or gelato for dessert tonight?

I need some dialog bubbles for both girls in the above pic so I can really embarrass them with my little picture cartoon.  
The older one:  (sniff, sniff)  What is that smell?  OK, who farted because that is really raunchy.  Good grief, my eyes are watering.  Callie?!  
The younger one:  (heavy sigh and closes eyes) It wasn't me.  What on earth did you eat for lunch because that is just nasty.  I wish I had brought a can of Febreeze "Vanilla Dreams" with me in my purse.  Wait - did mom bring Ollie on vacation with us? (Ollie is becoming famous for his rooty toots.)

And of course we have the obligatory butt shot the teen always takes, just one of many because this is her MO on every trip.  Below you see us exiting St. Peter's basilica - the Frasers have left the building.

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