Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Status Quo

Things are back to normal around here.  Both of the chicks have returned to the nest after their respective trips to Greece and Texas.  I had a milestone Sunday morning when I drove the husband to terminal 4 at Heathrow so we could retrieve the youngest daughter from her return trip.  It was easy peasy, which makes perfect sense since it was 6:00 am and I was all alone on virtually every roundabout.  I don't know that I'll be tackling terminals 1-3 anytime soon, but I can confidently say that from here on out I'll be able to pick up visiting relatives or friends from terminal 4 since it's on the south side of the airport in the direction of our house.

The teen had some camera issues on the trip, so we're relying on the Young Life leaders to post photos we can steal for personal use.  The teen took one of our oldest cameras, but there were some technical difficulties with the memory card.  

In the pic below, you see the playground area where the students were doing their service project.

This pic shows the teen doing some painting.  We had purchased that rainproof jacket she is wearing at the Costco in Reading because it cost £12 and thus made it more or less disposable since I knew it would return home in pitiful shape... and it did.  She'll travel several thousand miles from home to give up half of her spring break to help Greek children, but she won't spend 15 minutes picking up her bedroom.  <sigh>

Next are Annie and some other Young Life teens playing volleyball with a few of the local Greek kids.  What a great location here along the coast, with the blue water and sandy beach as your backdrop.

The teen said there were several resident dogs at the camp where they were staying.  During the day it was fun to pet Balto (seen below taking a snooze next to her) and his four footed, furry buddies.  However, at night it was nerve wracking because the dogs would bark and howl and prowl around, making noises fit to wake the dead.  

And speaking of slumber - I've let the girls sleep late the past couple days, but that all changes tomorrow since we have to get packed up again for our little trip to Belgium.  Yummy yummers - frites and waffles and chocolates as far as the eye can see in Bruges.  The diet starts Monday, April 23. 

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