Monday, April 30, 2012

Dress Drama

When you're 17 and a size 4, you can wear a flour sack and still look cute.  I swear you would think my high school junior was picking out a prom dress because Zac Efron had asked her, figuring it would be posted on You Tube and go viral so that millions of folks around the planet will see her.  Based on all of the dress rigamarole, that's what you'd think.  Seriously.  

I didn't put this much thought into my wedding dress, but of course, my wedding dress didn't cost too much more than her prom dress.  She's what my mother calls "fixey" and a real perfectionist about her appearance.  Obviously she didn't inherit this from me.  As long as I don't smell, then I'm good to go.  

The teen has been shopping online for a dress on and off for weeks because she didn't snag a dress in the US over Christmas and hasn't been back since then.  So, she scoured all of the big prom dress websites looking for "the one".  I'm a very decisive person, but the teen takes after other folks in the family who browse and look and narrow it down and still can't make a decision and leave the store (website) to think about it and come back a couple days later to see how it looks again.  And then asks everyone she knows what they think about her choice. GAH! Just make a decision already.

After hours spent looking at dresses, calling me (and her dad and little sister) in to take a gander at the latest frocks on the short list, a list that changed about a zillion times, she finally decided on this one.  White, blingy, short, fun and flirty!

Praise Jesus, the search was over.  We found a store in Long Island, NY, that had this dress in stock in her size and paid the extra for speedy shipping plus import tax to get it to our home in England in about five business days.  

You know what's coming, right?  She tried it on and didn't like it.  She's at least a size smaller in the bust than her waist/hips and the dress needed to be altered.  But she couldn't see beyond the current way it fit with her immature teenage brain.  Plus "everybody else" was wearing a long dress and she wants to blend in with the herd.  Sooo, we shipped it back to NY Friday.  Now we just have to wait for it to arrive there so we can receive credit (minus the pricey restocking fee) and get a second dress sent across the pond.

Instead of getting her homework done on Saturday, the teen spent all afternoon checking out prom dress websites.  She narrowed it down to three, but forgot to check about immediate availability (doh! Homer Simpson headslap to forehead) and they were all special order.  So it was back to the drawing board yet again for another round of dress decision making. 

Finally, FINALLY, she decided on the one below.  She thought the blue was fine, but many members of the herd are wearing varying shades of blue and so the teen is opting for it in red.  And honestly, I think red will be a very flattering color on her with her dark hair.

I had already agreed to book the teen a mani/pedi plus waxing appointment and spray tan as part of her prom necessities... along with shoes and earrings.  I put my foot down about getting salon makeup and hair because she's a perfectionist and has always done a really good job with those things on her own.  But now that she has this fabulous bling on the back of the dress, she thinks she needs a loose/messy bun instead of the low side pony with waves she was planning for the white dress.  I don't know if I'm skilled enough with the bobby pins to get it to stay, especially since the prom takes place on a boat that sails the Thames River in London and they're bound to go on deck for at least a few photo opps that evening.  

If this is what I've got to look forward to when she selects a wedding gown, I may have to send the grandmothers with her.  Or use a bit of reverse psychology since the one I like the best is always the one she likes the least.  And definitely pack a flask of booze in my purse so I can wash down a Prozac just for good measure.  Come to think of it, maybe I need to see if I can locate an old scrip for some in the medicine drawer until she heads out the door for prom next month.

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