Friday, May 4, 2012

And then it was Friday

Where does the time go?  The older I get, the faster it flies by me.  I can't believe it's already Friday.  And May, almost the end of the school year.  What the heck?  Before you know it, I'll be waking up in the old folk's home and wondering how I got there because I was just middle-aged and getting ready for early menopause to slap me between the eyes.

I rolled out of bed Thursday morning and whipped up 42 cupcakes for two boarding students celebrating birthdays.  This is a really great program the school offers for the high school students who typically won't get to see their parents on their special day unless they fly into town for it.  In the fall I had a boy and girl birthday right before halloween, so I ran with that as my theme.  This time I had two girls, so I opted for girly-girly with pale pink icing and pink sugar sprinkles on top.  I had a bit of leftover batter (and resisted the temptation to just gobble it up with a spoon while watching an old episode of ER), so I made a dozen mini cupcakes for the teen to take to her advisory class.  It's all girls and they take turns bringing in snacks every week.  

Today I took Ollie to the vet to get the stitches removed from his neutering.  They had to make two incisions because one of his little crown jewels hadn't fully descended.  It has been a challenge to make the little beast take it easy the last nine days. He wasn't supposed to run or rip or snort or jump up on the furniture, so of course that is exactly what he did as soon as he felt like himself again about four days post op.  I finally gave up and quit playing traffic cop every time he got that gleam in his eye about jumping... on the couch, the one piece of furniture where he's allowed to sit since we keep it covered, up in my lap when I'm at the computer, or up on the french doors leading to the patio to let us know he needs to go potty.  It was a bit of a rodeo when the vet has to hold him down to remove the stitches - along with me and a vet tech, one at each end.  You'd think UK vets would move on into the 21st century and use dissolving stitches.

The youngest daughter convinced my husband to set up a tent in the rumpus room, aka formal living/dining.  She has invited a friend of hers to spend the night after the 5th gr fundraising luau party this evening.  

Then I get to roll out early tomorrow morning to take the teen to school for the SAT.  She has been doing well with the practice tests in her prep class, so we hope she makes a strong score on her first official SAT.  It would be fabulous for her to do so well on this first attempt that she doesn't really need to take it again in the fall when she starts her senior year.  

Senior year... time really IS moving along.  Pretty soon the teen will be applying to college and preparing to do the last this and that in her high school career.  As I crest the hill of life and start my trip down the other side, she's just getting started.  I can't wait to see where the road leads and what life has in store for her.

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