Thursday, May 10, 2012

April Showers Bring May Showers

Yesterday I accompanied the 5th grader and her school compadres to Kew Gardens.  After the wettest April on record in England, the soggy weather has spilled over into May.  Therefore, I toted my large umbrella that looks like a walking cane and used it on and off throughout the day.  

You know how kids are, undaunted by the weather.  We got lucky and it wasn't raining when the time with our very knowledgeable docent ended, so the class got to eat in a relatively dry seating area outside one of the greenhouses.  

As a veteran of many field trips when I was teaching, I was unsure what to expect with this group.  Many of the kids back in Texas would act as if they had been raised in a barn when we took them on field trips.  And it never failed to amaze me that some of them acted like complete asses when their parents were right there along for the ride.  I vividly remember one of my former students climbing atop the picnic table where me and some of the kids were eating lunch so he could beat his chest and scream and then do his best imitation of Godzilla, trying to smash their sandwiches with his dirty tennis shoes.  His ding dong of a mother totally ignored this insanity.  Once I closed my mouth - because my jaw had hit the ground in disbelief when he started this little bit of nonsense - I promptly told him to get down and knock it off.  And we wonder what's wrong with the youth of today.

So anyhoo - the daughter's class was well behaved, which makes sense since they're all world travelers.  I had organized and led the Christmas party, so I knew some of them were easily distracted and chatty.  However, they were very polite and attentive to the grandmotherly docent who went into a LOT of detail about plant anatomy and adaptations.  I can't recall one embarrassing or rude event during the entire day.  Of course, I stayed on the bottom level of the coach that drove us to/from Kew while almost all of the 5th graders were on the second level of the double decker bus.  The very strict male teacher was riding herd on them, so I figure that's why we enjoyed a very smooth bus ride.

Below is a pic of the daughter and her best friend at Kew.

Yesterday Ollie returned to doggie daycare, his first time back with his canine buddies after his neutering.  Thanks to the nasty weather, he was filthy when he got home so the youngest daughter and I promptly gave him a bath.

As usual, he raced around the house like a maniac after we towel dried him.  What is it about baths that always invigorates a dog and makes them act like idiots?  Brushing becomes a game as he bounces around playing tag with me while I try to tame his rough little coat.  The daughter says he looks like an ewok because his fur tends to stand on end until it dries.

Maybe a little?  I'll have to take a pic of the village idiot next time I bathe him so you can judge for yourself.

I made a short video earlier this week of the beast in my lap.  Anytime I'm in the office working on the computer, that has become his cue to jump up into my lap and snuggle down for a nap.  I let him stay for a while, at least until he starts wiggling around like a chicken trying to roost or farting as if he ate a whole can of pork 'n beans for breakfast.  Then he's put down to find another place to sack out and relax... usually a rug I keep in front of the patio french doors.

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