Thursday, May 24, 2012

If He Only Had a Brain

I haven't tortured y'all with a dog update lately, so I better remedy that.  Today Ollie is 8 months old.  We're glad that he's a part of our family... most of the time.  Not so much Monday when he got away from me on a walk and started following squirrel or bird or slug trails through the hedges that lead right out to the main entrance of our neighborhood.  Thank heavens his head is easily turned by the lure of a treat.

The first video below is of Ollie on the couch with me one afternoon.  We keep the couch covered with some old, easily laundered blankets to keep it from getting stinky with doggy BO.  I don't know what the village idiot was digging or scratching at, though a good guess would be some miniscule crumb of food since the husband likes to eat in front of the TV on weekends and the couch is his roosting spot since it's right in front of the screen.

The second video is the beast and 5th grader playing keep away in the back yard.  The husband returned from his little vacation in Texas (truly business but I call it a vacay since he got to see his parents as well as friends, eat tubs full of fabulous food and didn't have any homework helping/dog walking/garbage taking out responsibilities for ten days) with a big plastic chicken squeaky toy for the furry baby of our family.  It's a bit unwieldy because Cairns aren't big terriers and he's not quite full grown, though I think he's filling out more since we had him neutered last month.  

In miscellaneous news, the Queen's Diamond Jubilee celebrating 60 years on the throne is next weekend.  I wanted something to commemorate our attendance at a few of the events, so I found these inexpensive canvas bags with a cool screenprint and bought several of them.  I'm thinking I might have these made into pillows as keepsakes.

And finally, I was going through our pictures thus far for 2013 and ran across a pic of the teen taken on a beach in Greece during the Young Life trip.  She was on the very edge of the shot with several of her friends, so there's not much to show.  However, upon seeing this pic of her I immediately thought of Bridget Bardot.  And when I changed it from color to black and white, it looked even better.  The teen sure does love her black eyeliner.

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