Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Junior Prom - May 2012

Yippee, prom is history!  Saturday night, the teen joined about 130 juniors and seniors on a Thames river cruise in London.  With most of the senior class able to buy liquor since the drinking age is 18 over here, it's no wonder the prom isn't heavily attended since some of them opt to go clubbing.  And when they only have 130 tickets for a total of 240 upperclassmen, then not everyone wanting to attend actually got to purchase a £75 ticket since they sold out due to limited space on the boat.

So anyhoo, we really spent more than I imagined we would for prom... four figures instead of three <sigh>.  There was this whole fiasco with the limo and me having to scramble the DAY BEFORE prom for a last minute replacement.  They had me over a barrel and after ringing up eight limo service companies on the phone, I cried uncle and just ate the price difference as soon as I found somebody with a ride for the group.

The teen went to her bestest buddy's house to get ready for prom. Gorgeous!

The 5th grader and I met up with the group of 10 over at Virginia Water Lake for some pics.  Since we arrived a bit early, she and I walked along the pathways and discovered a swan's nest right there along the bank.  Talk about labor intensive, ha-ha, because it is huge.

The red dress was a really pretty color on the teen, even though I thought it would have looked even better withOUT the spray tan.  But I don't know anything - I'm just the mother.  Below is a pic of the back of the dress so you can see the bling that wraps around the entire thing right at the empire waist.

Here are the teen and her friends before they hopped into the limo.  

Here's a close-up of the teen so you can appreciate her smoky eye makeup.  I took her to the M-A-C counter at a shop over in Kingston so she could get just the right eye makeup colors to compliment the dress.  I think the overall effect is striking and she looks stunning... but I'm her mother and am therefore a bit biased.  

We may butt heads on a regular basis and disagree about things both big and small, but I love her dearly and am glad she had a great junior prom.  

If anybody is interested in taking her shopping to select her SENIOR prom dress, then call me at 800-IAM-DONE to register your interest in this very important endeavor.  The teen tells me she wants to go shopping for it earlier, like Christmastime in Texas.  Just say the word and I'll turn you loose with her, a credit card and some extra strength Tylenol.

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