Saturday, May 12, 2012

Road Warrior

I was well and truly spoiled back in Texas.  I didn't have a maid service to tidy the house.  Or a designer wardrobe.  Facials or massages?  Nope and nope.  What I did enjoy was living smack dab in the middle of town so that our commute to the elementary, middle or high school was about a mile.  What I wouldn't give to have that here in England.  

The school is almost 9 miles, one way, from our house.  It's not terrible... until you hit it in rush hour.  That's when the no traffic drive of 15 minutes becomes a 45 minute ordeal.  The only thing that slowed me down on my way to school back in Texas was some random deer with a death wish dashing across the road.  

Today I started to feel some kinship with long haul truckers because thus far I've put 70 miles on the car chauffeuring the teen to various commitments.  And have I mentioned that gas costs almost $9 per gallon over here?  <cue the dramatic violin music> We started off the day with a trip to Kingston-Upon-Thames to get a couple last minute prom items for next weekend.  This afternoon I took her to the school because the dance team performed at the annual May Fair.  Earlier this evening, I hauled her way over to Ascot - almost 18 miles, one way - to the dance team captain's house for a party.  And I get to end my night by driving back over there to retrieve her.  

If we were back in Texas, I'd be lolling around on the sofa eating bon bons and reading a trashy romance novel because the teen would be a licensed driver.  Five months before we moved to England, the summer she turned 15, the teen got her learner's permit.  However, unable to clock the requisite driving hours, she has had to let it expire until we all repatriate next summer.  

A few of the teen's friends have initiated the process to get a UK driving license, but only recently since you must be 17 to even begin the whole rigamarole.  I would really appreciate the teen getting a UK license since the husband has opted NOT to get his.  However, she'll be gone a total of about 6 weeks this summer.  And believe me - it would take a whole lotta lessons for her to become anywhere near competent enough to get out of the testing site parking lot without mowing down some innocent bystanders.  

The teen gets easily flustered sometimes and isn't particularly decisive or aggressive.  I have visions of her doing a "Chevy Chase", circling any of the bazillion local roundabouts, boo-hooing, until some kind soul lets her over into the correct lane.  

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