Sunday, May 6, 2012

Just a tad confused

Yesterday morning, the youngest daughter and her buddy rolled out of the tent from their indoor camp out, hungry for breakfast.  I fried up some bacon, the Oscar Mayer American variety we can get here in one of our local grocery stores because the British piggies are quite gamey.  I also scrambled some eggs and toasted bagels with butter in the oven a la my granny.  

I had my back to the girls at the breakfast bar, rinsing out a glass in the sink, when I heard the following.

My kid: You should try this grape jelly my mom bought at the American foods store.  It's my favorite.  And it's named after the president - oBAMA.  

Kid's friend: Really?  <perplexed look on her face>

After I finished snickering, I explained that the president isn't heir to the BAMA grape jelly empire.  

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