Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Press 5 if you hate automated customer service

When our flight to Prague was cancelled Friday, without an email or text to me from British Airways, I was a bit miffed. What if I hadn't heard about the emergency landing at Heathrow on the radio in the car and unwittingly toodled off with the family to the airport to be confronted with a terminal full of angry would-be travellers? Not cool, BA, especially since you have my contact info on file as a registered frequent flier and we were still 4+ hrs away from our departure time.

After going to the airline website to check on the status of our flight and at that point discovering it had been cancelled, I called the BA local customer service number around lunchtime on Friday. However, the lines were so jammed up with folks like me trying to arrange alternate flights that I was disconnected three times. There was no room to even put me in the queue to hold for assistance. Deciding not to sweat it and enjoy our long weekend with the husband, I put off contacting the airline again until this morning.

Lo and behold, the customer service rep I spoke to immediately after wading through their automated system today was very sweet and reassuring. I was immediately promised a full refund and just received an email confirmation that my request was processed. In about a week, I'll have the cash to book a 20th wedding anniversary weekend flight for me and the husband in late July. Maybe San Diego or Charleston? It aint Prague, but I imagine we'll be able to find something to keep us entertained without the girls in tow.

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