Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Senior Prom 2013

Prom is typically a big deal in the US, but it's really not over here. At a school where only about 50% of the students are American, I guess it's understandable that the other half wouldn't be that into prom. As a matter of fact, at least a third of the senior class didn't attend. Instead, a big group of seniors opted to go clubbing in London instead of attend prom.

It's a tricky situation, having prom in a country where a good chunk of the senior class is legal to buy alcohol. The international students don't appreciate being trapped on a boat for a dinner dance cruise without a cash bar. American kids don't seem to mind so much about a "dry" dinner cruise since prom is a high school rite of passage in their culture. They drink champagne in the limo on the ride to the boat and then go clubbing after the boat docks at 11 pm. Then they attend after parties where alcohol is always present. And the police show up at the house party around 1 am because the neighbors called them to complain about the noise... or so I've heard. 

Prom pics were a bit of a flop this year - long, involved story that I lived and don't want to relate here. The bottom line is that we got a few shots with a few of the senior's friends and that's really all of the documentation we need. 

The senior will attend lots of other semi-formal and formal occasions in college since she's going through rush to join a sorority, so there will be plenty of other opportunities to photograph her looking pretty. I'll be 1200 miles away from her university campus and therefore she'll just have to wrangle all of the details on her own. It's time. But it's not as if this is my last prom experience. I can look forward to more prom drama in about five years with the younger daughter.

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