Wednesday, September 2, 2015

(Almost) Open House 2015

OK, so it's not completely ready for entertaining. But we've hung the new Windsor Castle pano pic of the girls on the wall in the formal living/dining room and now it just feels like home. And when I say hung, I mean used those sticky velcro numbers to put it on the wall since we can't use nails per the lease agreement. We've done a lot of propping and settling for less wall decor since these are temporary digs anyway.

Here is a pic of my fave pic from the photo shoot on the Long Walk at Windsor. I love the brilliant greens of summer with the contrast of their autumn hued clothes and the misty castle in the background. A person off the street would have no clue it's our girls in the pic, but I love the artistic quality of this image.

On the opposite end of the formals room we placed two sofas and a chair. I really like the gas fireplace and plan to crank it up once the temps have dropped sufficiently. Ollie was following me around as I snapped these shots and promptly made himself at home on the sofa. When I sit in there to read, Ollie likes to post himself on the back of the sofa in front of the wall of windows and birdwatch.

The kitchen, with its informal dining and sitting area, is still taking shape, mainly because we made some room adjustments once we got here. Initially intending to have the L-shaped kitchen area filled with both formal and informal dining tables, we did a bit of shuffling in order to have a comfortable seating area adjacent to the kitchen. Here is the informal dining. The seating area opposite it currently consists of a buffet, rug, TV and two wooden chairs plus a barstool we're using as a side table. We'll continue to make do with this little set-up until our bespoke sofa, chair and coffee table arrive at the end of this month. 

In the entryway, we have a large table anchored by a family pic taken when the college junior was the same age as her younger sister (14). I also threw in a coat rack to hold the larger umbrellas and damp jackets. 

The small buffet adjacent to the front door holds a second stretched canvas of the girls taken at Windsor. I also stacked a pewter bowl atop a couple books to hold keys to the front door because we seem to constantly be locking and unlocking it every time you turn around. The drawers are also handy for holding things like Ollie's leash so the doggie daycare gal Chloe has easy access to it.

A home in damp and chilly England wouldn't be complete without a shoe holder at the front door to contain footwear that shouldn't be tromping across the cream tiles or carpet that show every little bit of dirt. I like the bronze colour, and the Texas star is a lovely touch.

The final stop on this initial tour of the house is the area beneath the stairs. It's an odd space that slants. I decided it was an ideal spot for Ollie's kennel - easy access and would have gone unused anyway. The cowhide rug adds a splash of colour. I'm still pondering whether we need a piece of furniture there to make it look complete. I'd love to make a trip to the Sunbury Antiques Market and see if I could find something interesting to put there. Until then, this is as good as it's gonna get.

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