Monday, September 7, 2015

This little light of mine

I was attending a BBQ with a small group of American expats recently and a newbie expat was bemoaning the fact that it has taken her a month to get the dryer repaired correctly. An older and wiser expat chimed in that it takes at least three visits for anything to be repaired. We all laughed and shook our heads because it's so freaking true. 

Case in point, the chandelier in our formal dining room. The husband wanted a dedicated home office and his furniture is Texas-sized, so the daughter and I share the much smaller study and let him have the formal dining room for his precious office space. The only issue in there is the light fixture that hangs in the centre of the room where a large table would be positioned. With his office furniture in place, that fixture is in the perfect location for him to smack his head into it every time he sat down or got up out of his desk chair.

When the leasing company's electrician came around to replace a faulty recessed light, I approached him about moving this dining fixture to the vaulted entryway so I could put a much smaller light in the husband's office. Not counting that initial visit where the electrician scoped it all out - size of fixture and where it's going directly above the stairs - he has been to the house three more times and this is where the fixture currently resides.

Am I on Candid Camera? Are they charging me by the hour or per visit? I swear it's like the Three Stooges are (mis)handling what appears to be a simple operation. On the second visit, the electrician forgot to bring another guy to help him. On the third visit, the ladder wasn't tall enough. Today, the fourth visit, there were two guys with a taller ladder, but it still couldn't be hung. Now they're talking simple scaffolding to git 'er done. I can only hope they'll wrap this up on the 5th visit, but I'm not placing any bets or holding my breath. 

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