Monday, October 5, 2015

Furniture Finale

The corduroy swivel chair is it, the last piece of furniture we'll be placing in this house. Boy am I glad to see this part of our move abroad done because I've been working on decor since we arrived the last week in July.

At first I thought we were about to have another furniture goat scramble on our hands. When I purchased the chair online, I had elected to have the swivel chair for the third floor delivered Thursday, along with the sunroom furniture. Then I received an email Thursday morning that it would be delivered the next day. It was a shoulder shrug and oh well moment since I didn't have anything else in the hopper for Friday.

Then mid-morning on Friday I received a text that the swivel chair company was having carrier problems and they would be contacting me to reschedule delivery. About 30 minutes later, I received a call from the delivery driver that the swivel chair would be arriving within the hour. Say what?

Sure enough, the driver and his helper arrived to deliver the chair. They hauled it up to the top floor, I tipped them and they left. I attacked the plastic wrap on the chair with scissors and uncovered it. I must say it's really comfy and exactly what I expected, except for the colour. This is what it looked like on the furniture website. You can see it's supposed to be a golden brown sort of colour they named coffee.

Below is what I got. According to the label on the chair packaging, it's the right chair in the correct coffee colour, but it just looks gray to me. After the sofa snafu of September, nothing surprises me. 

I think the golden brown colour I chose based on the website's picture was a better fit with the rug, but I imagine we can all live with it. The chair wasn't expensive and I'm not going through the trouble of returning another piece of furniture that might take weeks to accomplish and be replaced by something that isn't any more fabulous than what I've already got. 

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