Thursday, December 3, 2015

Christmas Countdown

Now that we've hit the third day of December, I'm ready for Christmas vacation. Oh sure, we still have to get through the daughter's 15th birthday party sleepover this weekend, followed by two separate work parties with the husband, and the joy of semester exams for the 9th grader.

But seriously, y'all, I'm just counting down the days until I can get back on American soil for the holiday with family. Driving on the "right" side of the road, rolling up to a drive-in window for overpriced coffee, hitting Target for a good deal and eating some of my favourite meals. It's gonna be perfect.

This year it's a Smoky Mountain Christmas for us, thanks to my crazy planning a year in advance skills. Last January I put down a substantial deposit on an amazing log lodge - can't say cabin because that doesn't aptly describe the size of it - that has a tremendous view of Gatlinburg from the back porch deck that spans the length of the house, with a built in fireplace for s'mores making. That's where we'll be kicking back with the in-laws and outlaws to celebrate Christmas for six nights. It even has its own totem pole out front.

Winging our way from Heathrow to Charlotte, we'll spend the night in Asheville so we can tour one of America's castles on our drive to Tennessee. I think Biltmore will look just beautiful dressed up for Christmas.

Our Griswold family holiday will be filled with shows, shopping, hiking, snow tubing and eating southern cooking on a daily basis. It's just gonna be so much fun, y'all - the happiest of holidays. Sixteen days until we shake the UK, leaving our home and furry family member in the capable hands of our house/dog sitter to enjoy some American holiday traditions. You know, the important stuff like pumpkin and pecan pie. And maybe a cheeseball.

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