Sunday, December 13, 2015

My Favourite Things

Tortilla chips, salsa and unlimited iced tea,
Bread and butter you enjoy before your meal for free,
Manners like please, ma'am and thank you,
Christmas in the US is the best thing we'll do.

Take it away, Julie. I love this song. By the way, Julie Andrews was born in the Surrey town of Walton-on-Thames where we live. 

Six more sleeps until we're back on American soil for the holidays. Five roundtrip journeys to the husband's office in east London. Four days of semester exams for the 9th grader. Three big suitcases to haul out from beneath the stairs to pack for our trip. Two people to tip for their services to our family with house cleaning and dog walking before we hop on the big bird. One fabulous Christmas vacation we're anticipating with the family. 

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