Thursday, January 7, 2016


Back to life (in the UK), back to reality. Back to our regularly scheduled programming.

It dawned on me most of my Christmas vacation in the US pics are on my US cellphone, which is upstairs in the safe, and I'm too lazy to fetch it right now. For some reason, I was hit hard by jet lag with the return to England time. This is only the second morning that I've rolled out of bed before 8:30 am, which isn't like me. I am not enjoying my current night owl status and need to get my internal clock sorted ASAP.

The 9th grader returned to school on Tuesday while Ollie, my furry Cairn Terrier son, started his new doggy daycare. We visited the centre on Monday and it's in a lovely location - brand new facilities that encompass several acres under fencing for lots of running amok.

Daycare fetcher/watcher Chris reports that Ollie rips and snorts with the rest of the dogs, but doesn't want to load up when his half day session ends. And so he has to be chased down by a few of the staffers. This is the point in the story where I hang my head in shame and make excuses for my naughty fur child. I can't say, "Oh, he doesn't do that at home," because he does it all the time and drives me insane with his poor response to recall. Lack of proper parenting and appropriate limit setting, no doubt.

As for me, I've been busy reading two books that focus on diet as a way to live healthier and stave off illness rather than just as a means to get skinny. I should be finished by the weekend and will be ready to kick off my new eating plan on Monday. That just leaves three more days to finish consuming all of the tasty processed, sugar-filled, oil laden and empty calorie items in the fridge/pantry. 

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