Thursday, January 28, 2016

My Kinda Conversion

One of my favourite things when traveling is to check out the local currency. And grocery stores, but that's another post. So anyhoo, I'm fortunate it's so incredibly easy to get foreign money for travel from our local supermarket exchange counter. Everything from euros to shillings to krona. Below is the money I'll be taking with us to Iceland next month. I love how colourful it is. 

Lest you think I'm gonna be flashing the big daddy-o wad of cash up north, be aware that the supermarket money exchange booth only has access to certain denominations. These were the smallest bills available. The 10000 is worth $76.91, while the 5000 is worth $38.46 per the currency converter. It will be interesting to get change once we're using them in Iceland to see if smaller bills and coins are equally eye-catching. I just hope we get some change since it seems everything costs a pretty penny kronur up there.

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