Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Lessons in Lacrosse

The third, and final, sports and activity trimester kicked off this week. The 9th grader had her first lacrosse practice yesterday and it was a real humdinger. She has never played before, so it's all about trying to figure out the whole shebang. Positions, moves, rules, the field, practice drills, game lingo, yada yada yada.

It has been relatively dry lately, for England, but her cleats were still caked in mud when she tossed them inside the front door upon her arrival home yesterday evening. Unlike her older sister who had to have deets of the school day dragged out of her, the younger daughter practically gives me a blow-by-blow description of what happened since she left the house on the school bus. Which I LOVE, of course. She got busy using her borrowed stick to show me the moves and explain everything. 

She seems enthusiastic about this new adventure. We were kinda hoping she might take a break from an organised sport in this last trimester to take something less demanding, like a yoga class, so she could get a break from the time drain of four day per week after school practices/games in order to focus on her studies. Though, honestly, she's making good grades in all of her classes, so it's not as if she needs to go the easy route in order to pump up her GPA. So yeah, knock yourself out with the personal challenges and commitments - more to add to the high school resume she's building for herself.

I was asking about the lacrosse game schedule, figuring the daughter wouldn't see much field time but wanting to attend a few games since I'm completely unfamiliar with this sport. Lo and behold, there are no bleachers for crowd viewing at the field. The thought of standing around in chilly and possibly wet weather just isn't appealing to me. Plus the wind blows more than you think it would over here, but we do live on a big island and so maybe that's the reason. Just to be on the safe side - warm and dry, dontcha know - I ordered a one person pop up spectator tent that will accommodate me in a lawn chair for my game viewing pleasure. Oh yes indeedy, I'm gonna be that nerdy momma on the sidelines. Now I just need to order a folding chair and I'll be all set!

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