Wednesday, March 2, 2016

The State of Education in Memes

Truly, it's a mixed bag. Even great schools filled with concerned, progressive administrators and caring, dedicated teachers will always have a few rotten apples somewhere in the employee barrel. Maybe I'm a bit more astute about this than your average bear since I've been in the teaching trenches since '97. All I've ever wanted is for folks who run/work the campuses my daughters attend to do their job. Try to be enthusiastic, attempt to employ best practices, be consistent, respectful and give my daughters the tools they need to have a successful academic career. My husband and I always make sure our girls do their part. Too bad we can't vet some of these so-called professional educators in advance to make sure they've got their bases covered. Oh wait, that would be the responsibility of the private school or district, right?!

Today I'm saying it with memes. These are funny because they're accurate.

Or tell you I'm too busy to provide any extra support outside of class when my daughter comes to you wanting assistance with a challenging concept. That's right, let's be sure to squash kids wanting to be proactive and make an effort to help ensure their success with the class content.

These are the idiots that make the rest of us teachers look bad, the so-called professionals that love to throw those "GOTCHA" questions on the test. It wasn't taught in class or included on the study guide, but somehow students have to magically know/understand/apply it on an assessment. Make sure you bring your wands to school on test days, kiddies, to work that magic with unfamiliar content/concepts.

And last but certainly not least are the group projects. This particularly applies to the ones that have to be executed outside of the class/regular school day. By kids too young to drive. With no best practices employed, like the teacher assigning everyone a role in the group. The real world of projects doesn't work like this, so why must school kids - those we're supposedly trying to prepare for the work place - be subjected to this particular form of torture. Where one kid can sink a group's overall grade. And thus turn what should be a fun learning experience into dreaded drudgery.

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