Wednesday, February 24, 2016

OAP Dreamin' on Such a Winters Day

In Britain, OAP stands for Old Age Pensioners. That's retirees to us Americans. The husband and I are looking towards at least another 10 yrs in the workforce to sock away more money as well as get the girls through college and maybe even married. But let's not put the cart before the horse. At this point, I can hardly wait to get back home so I can return to teaching. Retiring is absolutely not on my radar. 

But when I do end up leaving the profession for good, I absolutely want to take up residence in a lovely little contemporary home near the mountains. And it has to be on a lake. I want stunning vistas and a place to lure the kids with their families to visit us on holidays and in the summer time. I'm thinking along the lines of something like this.

I want lots of glass so I can have picture perfect views of the scenery. Interesting roof lines are a must. Maybe a dock for a boat, but for sure a place to lounge beside the water to watch the sun set. See the leaves change in the fall and the landscape burst with color in the spring. Texas is a great state, but I'm looking forward to finding our little slice of retirement heaven in the southeastern US where we can enjoy all four seasons.

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