Friday, April 22, 2016

Dutch Texans Touring the UK

I normally take a boatload of pics, mainly because I'm the only person in the family documenting our travels via a blog. When my childhood friend and her mom were visiting while my mother was also here in the UK, I turned over photography to the professional writer in our group. She did a tremendous job of snapping cool pics everywhere we visited. I didn't realize how few pics I took of our UK adventures until I started looking for photos to add to this post. 

On our first full day of touring, we visited Windsor Castle. Pics of the interior were not allowed. And I didn't think to take a pic when we sat down to eat at the Duchess of Cambridge pub in Windsor. Or in the fudge shop - fond memories there. Here is a video and pic of the changing of the guardsin a different place than I've ever witnessed it before. I believe that was my 6th tour of Windsor Castle. 

On our second day, I drove us down to the coast at Brighton. We toured the Royal Pavilion, visited the fun and funky Choccywoccydoodah shop (had it's own TV series for a while), had lunch at a Jamie Oliver Italian restaurant and then posed for some cheesy pics while viewing the pebble beach with it's carousel and boardwalk in the background.

On Wednesday, we did the £13 taxi tour from Waterloo Station to Harrod's. We drove across the Westminster Bridge, past Parliament, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey and Buckingham Palace. We did some window shopping at Harrod's - Prada purses, anyone - then we haunted the food halls admiring all of the tasty treats. We hopped back into one of the iconic black London taxis for lunch at Brown's. Finally, we wrapped up the afternoon by attending the "Wicked" matinee. The next morning it was onward to the continent for a long weekend in my friend's adopted country of Holland.

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