Thursday, April 21, 2016

Pet Peeving via Memes

Facebook is truly a modern technological marvel. With the push of a button, I know where people are traveling for summer vacation, what they cooked for supper, what color dress their daughter wore to prom, who the grand babies look like and if I need to move them to acquaintance status because they're backing Hillary or Donald for president.

As handy and informative as Facebook can be, it is also equally aggravating. These memes cover some of the things that irk me to the nth degree.

OMG, y'all, you've got another splinter, hangnail and fungal infection between your toes. Or callous on your thumbs from posting about all the various ailments or mishaps so people will give you some attention. Cancer is a biggie, but that zit on your cheek or flat tire you get once every decade is not.

Boy howdy, you beat the bushes and rustled up a new significant other. In record time, I might add. You're not picky and selective, but rather lonely. So now we all have to hear about how he/she is the love of your life after a couple months. It's great that you're spending time with someone, but we don't need to hear about every fast food drive thru run or trip to refill meds at Walmart that is yet another gloriously happy, no one has ever been in love like us experience with your new guy/gal.

These drive me insane because the nosey rosey me wants to hear the whole story. Whether it's the ex-wife driving you nuts, co-worker making you crazy or health scare you had with that suspicious wart on your butt. Post the deets for everyone to see, or don't bother sharing at all. You're praising God and glad to be alive because ______? 

Mutilated, abused, crippled... it's all the same to me. I HATE seeing these sorts of animal posts on Facebook, even the ones that have a happy ending. Just.Don't. It's shocking and sad and makes me worry about the fate of a society where some individuals think animals are disposable. We know you hate it - so do most of us on the planet. So please, I'd consider it a public service if you would quite sharing the sad animal posts. However, feel free to keep the dog shaming pics or cute baby animal videos a comin'.

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