Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Here's Your Sign, UK version

If you're from the South, the southern states of the US, then you're probably familiar with this comedian. Bill Engvall is originally from the Lone Star State of Texas like me <insert piercing whistles, obnoxious yelling and maybe a hell, yeah! here>, so he leans towards some redneck humour. Folks in the south get it, whether you're raised in a double wide along a dirt road or in a McMansion on the golf course. It's our heritage.

I like Engvall because he focuses on the humour in everyday situations. A big part of his early monologues were spent telling anecdotes like you see in the clip below. Here's your sign... the you're an idiot sign for asking a question that makes no sense based upon the context of the conversation. 

I just discovered the UK version of this, an actual sign/warning tag on my hair straightener that immediately reminded me of Bill Engvall. The middle temp setting heats up to 315° F and the brush rotates. To keep the user from possibly getting singed fingers, it has a guard on the outside. So you'd think the following was completely unnecessary.

I'm still trying to figure out what might possess a person to think that attempting to use this hairstyling tool on your eyelashes is a good idea. That's the only explanation I can conjure up as to why you'd have the straightener anywhere near your eye. Or that it might actually work. Obviously the Brits have their own version of redneck southerners lurking amongst the population.

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