Saturday, October 9, 2010

Falling for Fall

It's October in Texas, so that means we're finally getting a break from the hottest of hot temps we've been enduring for the past several months.  Seriously folks, I don't know that the AC has kicked on in quite a while and that's nice.  This year we've had ridiculously beautiful weather for several weeks.  Mornings have been in the 50s while afternoons get up into the low 80s.  It has been picture perfect lately, blue skies with nary a cloud to mar the perfection of a crystal clear day.

And what's it doing in England, our soon-to-be new home, at this time of year?  According to weather reports that I check weekly, it's even cooler... and rainy.  I guess more along the lines of drizzly would be a more appropriate description.  I've started looking online for one of those things we don't need in Texas, a hall bench storage critter with hooks attached, where you sit to drag off your wellies and then hang up your trenchcoat.  I've never needed to buy a serious footwiper for the front door or entry, but I'm thinking it needs to be added to the list, too.

Here are two of my faves in pics below.  

I like the first one best, thought I think the second one below it is also nice.  The practical side of me just thinks the solid back will keep the wall from getting filthy behind the seat.  My husband is as bad as the kids when it comes to keeping things tidy and clean, meaning he doesn't pay one iota of attention to this.  He's the one who's guilty of tracking shoe debris across the floor and leaving his dishes in the sink.  That white padded cushion on the top would soon be relegated to the trashbin once my own little pigpen sat on it a few times.  

Alas, you need to be single if you want things looking clean and in their proper place on a regular basis.

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  1. I like the one piece unit best also but both are cute! How is the house selling going and is Jason getting ready to head over there?